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January 14, 2009



I thought there was nothing that could make me ashamed of being from Pittsburgh. Little Lukey, Boy Mayor, seems to have proved me wrong. ::sigh:: At least I didn't vote for him! (or against him, but that's beside the point ...)


I was hoping that this would only be covered by the local media, but there's a link to it on CNN.com this morning. Ugh.


Wow... I'm surprised the Pgh mayor is so young. He reminds me of the newly elected Congressman from Utah. If you've seen the Colbert Report this week, Stephen Colbert really made good fun of his youth.


Pittsburgh doesn't have a mayor. It has a fraternity president.

He should have changed his name to Doug Niedermeyer.

Lawrence (Pinto) Kroger

How come my whole name didn't show up? It must be those Omegas!

Bob Braughler

Either the Omegas, or maybe the devil over your shoulder stole it, Pinto.

By the way, why "Pinto"?


Why not?

Eric Stratton

At least this really is a stupid, futile gesture on Luke's part.

Bob Braughler

And he's just the guy to do it.

Mountain Mama

Hey! It's just like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!


Bob, this should make you feel better:

New Puhlahmahlu.

Or not, it's all good.


(oh yeah, hope all is well, n@)

billy nardozzi

totally agree with everyone! about our little boy lukie!!! has to get his face in everything!!!he shoud have changed his name to RAVENSTEELER this way whoever wins or loses he wont look like a fool!and would it really matter?


As a Baltimoron, I have to be a Cardinal for the next two weeks.

Chip Diller



That Mayor is a P-I-G. Pig.

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